The Smothered Burrito from Taco Bell – Review

Smothered Burrito

The Smothered Burrito from Taco Bell – Review


Smothered Burrito

As we say goodbye to the limited time only, Beefy Crunch Burrito, Taco Bell wants us to say hello to the newest member of the family, the Smothered Burrito. At first I thought it was just another limited time promotion, but upon hearing it was a full-time gig, I kept on asking myself “What’s so good about this burrito that it went straight to the permanent menu?” So I had to find out.

*Disclaimer* On this visit, I was happily surprised to find the Beefy Crunch Burrito was still on sale, so I had to grab one (naturally) and although I will give this my unbiased opinion, I thought you should know that. Let’s dig in to the review.


I ordered the Beef Smothered Burrito for $2.99, although they had the Shredded Chicken and Steak versions for $3.99. They did accidentally give me the Shredded Chicken version of the burrito so I will take that into consideration. (The Beefy Crunch Burrito was $1.29 and I got a medium drink, and overall as a combined total, I felt the value of the meal was excellent.) On a personal note, I do not normally spend more money on a single item, I prefer to get lots of cheaper items.

Smothered1 Smothered2

On the outside, it looked pretty good! Just like the picture in terms of sour cream wavy pattern. I’ve seen a lot of “real life” pictures where it’s all mixed up, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the nice design.
The edges of the burrito were pretty much all chicken and sauce, but the middle of the burrito seemed to have the portioning more correctly. This is pretty typical of a Taco Bell burrito so I wasn’t too taken aback.

It’s tasty! I enjoyed eating it. I do have to say that the sauce did dominate the palette. I understand it’s a “wet” burrito, so maybe this is just my personal preference coming through, but every bite had the red sauce taste to it at some point. I would have liked to taste the burrito more, but it was still delicious. The sour-cream was an excellent compliment!

Hunger level:
By itself, it is perfect at filling me up. I had the Beefy Crunch Burrito afterwards, and so now I am feeling a little “stuffed” (worth it for the Beefy Crunch).

This is where it’s tricky for me. I have just spent since May 23rd, fighting for the Beefy Crunch. I had a couple of CrunchWraps here and there, and lots of Potato Grillers (for $1.50 a piece) but I pretty much had close to 50 Beefy Crunches for $1 to $1.39 a piece. So I have to ask myself to step back and see how it is by itself and not compared to the BCB. Would I buy it again? Was I satisfied after eating it? Was it WORTH the $4 value? Being completely honest with my viewers, the answer is… yes, but it depends on the situation. For it’s ability to fill me up, the value is there, but when I am hungry in the drive thru, I’m so used to ordering lots of things that add up to $4 or $5 that ordering 1 thing is just not my norm.

~~ After finishing what is likely to be my last Beefy Crunch Burrito of 2013, I started reflecting on the meal I just ate for this review, but I always circled back to the same conclusion. The Beefy Crunch I JUST ate was de-effing-licious. The Flamin Hot Fritos leave an aftertaste that tastes almost indescribably great. Yet it’s only Limited Time. O_O But this smothered burrito, that I just ate with a knife and spork, that tasted good but didn’t leave me speechless, and cost considerably more (relatively) is here to stay! I suppose for now it remains a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. ~~

Have you tried it yet? What is your opinion of the Smothered Burrito? Leave a comment. :)

*update* The Smothered Burrito is replacing the Enchirito.




  1. William McElrath

    wow…so you use a promotional page for another promotion. you clearly dont understand the purpose of this fucking page you half-hearted gold griming soul sucking admin

  2. Gary Wiles

    They get rid of the beefy crunch because there was such a big to do. They know if they only offer it limited time, every so often, they’ll get more money off of it in a few months, than they would off of consistently having it on the menu. People won’t go and buy hundreds within the matter of a few months if it’s always on the menu. But, if they’re ever hurting for money, or have to meet a quota, guess what’s coming back?

  3. Nick Stephano Pedergnana

    Smothered Burrito is a burrito covered in lies. Why would you take away one of the few things in this world that is good and pure? You’re a monster, Taco Bell. A monster.

  4. Aaron Gothmann

    No freaking way. It’s $4 for one of those. I’m never getting one. I’m only getting 5 layers till Beefy Crunch comes back again. If they ever take that away i’ll stop going to Taco Bell.

  5. Darren Hullstrunk

    It’s good, had the shredded chicken version. It wont replace the beefy crunch burrito.They will also be removing the volcano menu as well :( Going to miss the volcano burrito…….

  6. Adam Berch

    They are not very good, I had one tonight. I’ll try it again in case it was just the person who made it.

  7. Thomas Steen

    also how do you replace a 99 cent item with a 2.99 item, not really a replacement looks like in mcdonalds for a year till it comes back for a month

  8. David Vanover

    The only thing that would make the Smothered Burrito as good as the Beefy Crunch Burrito is if it was actually the Smothered Beefy Crunch Burrito.

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